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We are always willing to answer your questions about our software products. Contact us by e-mail, phone, or fax.

Contact Time:

Fax and Email: Any Time

Phone: Contact us between 8AM and 5PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday. If you are calling from a country outside of US, please check the current Pacific Time in US. The current Pacific Time can be found by Click Here . Then look for the time in City of Seattle)


Contact Information:

Sales and Registration:
Purchase, download program, activate/get code, and get a replacement key.

Phone: or

Mailing Address:

Civiltech, Inc
650 Castro St Suite 120-267
Mountain View, CA 94041


Tech. Support:
For technical questions and problems, please read Q&A in the web or in the manual first. Your question may be already in the Q&A section in the web or in the manual (last chapter of the manual).


Always attach the input data files to email with your question. This will help us solve the problem faster. The input files have extension: alp (Allpile), sh8, ep8, lp8 (Shoring), liq (LiquefyPro). Please do not attach the output files.

Email us the questions with input files is the most efficient way to solve your problem. Most time, phone call without the input files does not help to solve your problem. If you have issue with screen display, please attach a screen shoot.