Have a question? Please reach out to us using one of the two methods below. If you would like to learn more about Civiltech Software, please visit our About page.

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For quotes, purchases, program downloads, activation codes, and replacement keys, please email us using the e-mail below.

[email protected]

For technical questions and problems, please read the FAQ and user’s manual first. In particular, your question may already be addressed in the Q&A section of the manual (the last chapter).

If your question is not answered there, please email technical support using the email below, attaching any relevant input files and screenshots.

[email protected]

Always attach the input data files to email with your question. This will help us solve the problem faster. The input files have the following extension: alp (Allpile), sh8, ep8, lp8 (Shoring), liq (LiquefyPro). Please do not attach output files.

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