Online Licenses

How does it work?

We are now offering online licenses for Allpile, Shoring Suite, and Liquefy Pro!

Soon after your order, you will receive a link to download our software and a license key that is registered to your company. After you install the software, enter the license key to be granted full use of the software.

Each license purchased will allow a single computer to use our software within a 24-hour period. Multiple seats can be tied to the same license key, allowing multiple users to use the software concurrently. Please note that multiple users on a single remote desktop is not supported – please install our software on each client machine separately.

Please note that your computer should have Internet access at the startup of the software and when results are generated in order for us to validate your license key. If you have issues with your license key, or would like to purchase additional license, please contact [email protected]. If multiple seats are purchased at the same time, multiple computers will be able to use the same license key.

Please note that using online licenses with virtual desktops and server installations is not supported – we recommend installing Civiltech software directly on client machines.


Our software also comes on a convenient USB key that can be shared with multiple users in an office. The USB key must be plugged into the computer that is running our software. Please note again that multiple users on a single remote desktop is not supported, and may damage the USB key.